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Avanté enhanced functionality is fully integrated, easy to install, and comes with documentation detailing the capabilities and approach.  These are delivered as a ravel file and can be self installed or for a small fee we will install and test the modules for you.  See Spec sheets for details and version requirements.  Training and customization available.

Configured to Order Kitting $2500.00

Take advantage of both Avante's Configurator and kitting capabilities in 9.3 to create a rules-based configured kit without work orders..

Corrective Action Module $5,000.00

Complete module that allows capturing and reporting of corrective action requests. This integrated module will allow you to comply with ISO requirements. Build-in alerts and shipments and purchasing warnings.

Breakdown and put-away $2,700.00

Allows breakdown of a assembled item into its components without creating a work order. Great for returns or tear-down of assembled items.

Items Creation Workbench $5,000.00

The single screen allows you to create and design all related data for a new item including the Item Master, Bill of Materials, ECO Revision, Cost Records, Inventory Bin setup, and even price details.

Part-on-the-fly in SOP and Quoting $5,000.00

Create items-on-the fly using Items Creation functionality directly in Sales Order or Quote entry.  System settings determine if the item will be MTS, MTO or a Kit and have the system automatically create all the related data files.  Greatly enhances Quoting and SOP module and eliminates many extra steps in setting up a new item.